Étant donné Marcel Duchamp n°10   2011, 300 pages, 372 illustrations

When the Italian artist Gianfranco Baruchello (b. 1924) met Marcel Duchamp in Milan on 11 September 1962, he was immediately enchanted. The two mean remained close friends until Duchamp’s death. This privileged relationship has had a lasting impact on Baruchello’s life and work. This issue of Étant donné Marcel Duchamp explores the many facets of the bond between Duchamp and Baruchello. Opening his archives for the first time, Baruchello generously contributed to its content. In addition to an interview with the artist, the volume includes the correspondence between Duchamp, Baruchello, and their spouses, as well as the republication and/or translation of several of Baruchello’s texts in which Duchamp prominently figures. The volume also features articles that examine traces of Duchamp in Baruchello’s work, Duchamp’s broader legacy in Italy, and an object that the two artists created together in June 1965. Over 370 photographs and documents, many published for the first time, illustrate these and the numerous other texts comprising Étant donné Marcel Duchamp n° 10.


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